Family fun ideas for the 4th of July

Why wait to celebrate…

This morning my son woke me up asking what we were planning to do for the 4th of July. In my head I thought “Wow, is it July already?” In an instant he and his friend were shooting off ideas and wishing they didn’t have to wait three more days to do them. At the same time my daughter was asking me to paint her face (the life of a clown kid). Did I mention they woke me up with all this excitement???!! Oh-my! As I sipped my coffee I realized, we don’t have to wait till July 4th to celebrate. Obviously we are not going to throw a big party/BBQ today, but we can spend the next three days playing fun games and doing crafts that help us learn more about this special day.

 Cotton Candy the Clown Red white blue face painting Face and body painting




Our first activity was fun for all. Yay for me, I finally got to try body painting. Of course right after I finished the boys couldn’t wait to jump in the pool, unlike my princess who just wanted me to take pictures of her.
4th of July Fun
Here are some of the other activities we are planning to do:
4th of July Coloring Pages (click here)
4th of July Games (click here)
4th of July and what it means (click here)
4th of July sparkler hat – from one of my favorite blogging mommas (click here)

4th of July craft






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