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Christmas ornaments the kids CAN play with

Put the super glue away…

Cotton Candy The Clown Christmas

How many times have your kiddos wanted to play with the cute ornaments on the Christmas tree?

Better yet, how many times have they wanted you to buy the expensive movie theme ornaments from Hallmark?

The problem is that they are not made to be played with and they are usually pretty $$.
Every year it’s the same dilemma in Cotton Candy’s house. However this year I came up with a solution we could all agree with. We took some of their favorite little guys and with a little sting and some hot glue, we made ornaments that they could hang on the tree AND play with. The BEST part is how inexpensive this idea is, you can either use the toys you already have or buy some new ones. The Disney store sells complete sets of little plastic movie characters for around $10.

Cotton Candy The Clown Christmas tree

Toys this works best on * Cars, Littlest Pet Shop, Disney store figurines and most McDonald’s toys. When Christmas is over you can simply pull off the glue and your toy is back to normal.


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