Birthday Party Game Ideas – For The Tweens!

Birthday Party Game Ideas

For The 'Tweens!

By Cotton Candy The Clown

Oh boy! This is the age where it really starts getting tough! It needs to be fun, it needs to be cool (whatever that might be at this millisecond) and it should be easy for mom and dad to plan! So, for this list, I have carefully chosen the top Tween Birthday Party ideas… but proceed with caution. Any of these mixed with crazy tween hormones are likely to cause a crazy reaction! :)

Tween Fashion Show Theme
One thing girl tweens love to do is show off!  This fun tween birthday theme let's girls dress up in glamorous clothes and add in tiaras, sunglasses, necklaces, hats, scarves, boas, wigs etc. Set up a runway using a red sheet, paper or even a long walkway outside. Let the tweens  take turns walking the runway while someone takes pictures. Place pictures in a album for each girl or give them a CD as a birthday favor. Tip: check out thrift stores for great deals on dramatic clothes and accessories.

Tween Mystery Dinner Theme
Fun and crazy birthday party idea for tweens.  The tweens are served dinner – but don't know what they have ordered until the food arrives.  Crazy fun and tweens love it!

One Color Theme
Easy and fun tween birthday party theme!  Pick one color and make everything in shades of that color.  If pink is the color then make the birthday party invitations on pink paper with dark pink writing and envelopes.  Tell everyone in the birthday invitation that they are to wear only pink.  Birthday party hats, noisemakers, plates, napkins, cake, utensils, decorations, balloons, crepe paper, gift bags, prizes, food – EVERYTHING PINK!  Simple birthday theme idea, but the tweens will always remember it!  

Tiki Luau Theme
Decorate with palm trees, pineapples and tiki's.  Research guests names to find their Hawaiian name and use it to decorate cups.  Play limbo and rent a dvd that teaches how to hula dance.  Grass skirts and lei's are a fun party favor.  Little umbrellas in their drinks will make everyone smile! 

50's, 60's, 70's or 80's Theme
Decorate and serve food from your favorite decade of the past.  Have the invitations tell the tweens to dress in clothes from the decade you choose.  50's – poodle skirts and rolled up jeans.  70's – bell bottoms and funky clothes.  80's – big hair and big shoulder pads.  Play fun music and teach the dances from that period.  Karaoke is fun with oldies music! 

American Idol Type Theme
Set up a karaoke machine with a good CD of popular songs.  Tip: You can find great deals on used CD's and karaoke machines on Ebay.  Ask which of the tweens wants to be a judge and set them up at a judging table.  Then have the performers come out one by one and sing their favorite song (like American Idol).  Vote for the favorites and have another round each time eliminating one of the performers until you have a winner.

Sock Hop Theme

This idea is best for an all girl  party.  On the birthday invitation ask guests to bring a wrapped pair of new crazy socks.  Buy and wrap a few pair of extras in case someone forgets. Write down numbers (however many birthday party guests there are) on pieces of paper, fold them and and place them in a bowl.  Have each tween pick a number.  Sit in a circle and the tween with the number 1 goes first, picks a present, opens it and places the socks at her feet.  The girl with the number 2 can either pick a new package or take the socks of number 1.  If she takes the socks of number 1 then number 1 gets to pick a new package and open it.  Continue around the circle – each tween can either choose any socks that have been opened or open a new package.  At the end #1 can exchange her socks for anyone's in the circle.  Fun to play with socks, white elephants, small gifts and birthday party favors.  

Pizza Party Theme
Every tween loves pizza at a birthday party, but at this party the whole theme is pizza!  Have a make it yourself pizza dinner.  Play pizza related games such as: Pizza twister – set out the twister mat and have the red circles be pepperoni, green be pepper etc. and instead of spinning and calling out – right foot red, call out – right foot pepperoni.  Play relay races and have the tweens carry a pizza box while they run or go through an obstacle course.  Make aprons or chefs hats for a craft. Set out red and white checkered tablecloths and serve a large cookie cake decorated like a pizza.

Self Defense Birthday Party Theme 
Some Karate businesses and gym's will teach self defense to tweens.   This is fun and something the tweens can use throughout their life.

Animal Lovers Birthday Party Theme
This is a fun and helpful birthday party theme that all tweens who are animal lover's will enjoy!  Instead of bringing a present to the birthday party ask your guests to bring a bag of dog food, cat food, treats or pet toys.  Head out to your local animal shelter (make sure to call ahead first and set up a good time!) and give the food, treats and toys to the shelter.  Some shelters will let the tweens walk and feed the dogs / cats, clean out cages and bath the animals.   Make sure to meet with the shelter management before you go so they will be expecting you.

Crazy Tweens Theme
For this birthday party theme give the tweens a crazy wig, hat or glasses to wear.  Play your games backwards and make crazy videos! 

Please let us know if you would like to have any of these super fun games at your next birthday party! We would be happy to add them to your package!


Thank You so much for stopping by, I hope we helped you find what you were looking for!



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