Birthday Party Game Ideas (Ages 5 & 6)

Birthday Party Game Ideas

(Ages 5 & 6)

By Cotton Candy The Clown

I have scoured high and low to find the PERFECT birthday party ideas for your 5 or 6 year old! We all know the traditional party ideas, but here is a list of some not-so-ordinary games to include in your kiddos next super fun birthday party!

Spoon race Games
Place an egg on the spoon and then with the word “Go“ the birthday party guests must walk from the starting line to the finish line without dropping the egg. The first one to cross the line with the egg still on the spoon wins the game.

For team games – divide the birthday party guests into 2 teams. Each team has one spoon and egg. Each member runs the course without dropping the egg. When they return they hand the egg and the spoon to the next person and that person runs the course. Continue until all birthday guests have completed the game race. For older children make the game course more complex by adding obstacles.  If they drop the egg then they pick it up, go back to the starting line and begin again.


Duck Pond Grab Game
Birthday party guests pick rubber ducks out of a wading pool – they win a prize according to the number on the bottom of the duck. Write the numbers 1 – 5 (repeat numbers according to how many ducks you have) on the bottom of the ducks and place in pool. In back of the pool have 5 baskets with different prizes and number the baskets 1 through 5.  Party guests pick up a duck to see what number is on the bottom then win the prize that corresponds to that number.  

If the birthday party guest picks up a duck with a number 4 on the bottom, they get a prize from the number 4 basket. It’s a simple game, but children love it!   Tip: Instead of ducks use floating objects that relate to your birthday party theme.  The more ducks the better – give them away as favors after the birthday party. 


Hula Hoopla Game
After splitting into two teams have children line up in two lines. Have each member of a team hold hands and tell them not to let go.  Teams then try and get the hula hoop from one end of the line to the other and then back again without letting go of their hands.  This birthday party game is silly and fun!


Sponge Relay Games
Divide birthday party guests into 2 teams. Use 4 buckets – place two at the starting line and two 30 or more feet away.  Fill the farthest buckets with water. Players take a sponge and run to the far bucket, dip the sponge in the water and then run back to the starting line bucket and squeeze the water into the empty bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins. (Use larger buckets to hold the water first since a lot of the water will be lost as they race back to fill their bucket.) Variation: Race backwards for a crazy birthday party game twist!


Drama Bag Game
Fill shopping bags with 5 different items in each bag. The items can be anything – shoe, comb, penny etc.  – but make each bag different. Divide birthday party guests into teams and give each team one bag.  Teams then go to different rooms and create a skit which must include all items in the bag.  After 15 minutes let them perform the skits.    

Variation:  The party guests create a song, commercial or tribute to the birthday child.  


Mystery Fishing Game
Kids who are 5 and 6 love this party game where they fi
sh for prizes!  For the "water" use a large appliance box, hang a sheet across a doorway, or cover a table so that the "fish" (and the person in the water) are hidden from view. Tie a string to a stick and attach a clothespin on the end of the string.  Birthday party guests take turns "casting" the line into the "water". The person in the "water" puts small gifts, favors or candy on the clothespin and then tugs the string to signal that there is a "fish" on the line.  Then kids pull up the line and retrieve their prize.  This is a simple but fantastic birthday party game that kids adore!  Have lots of prizes because 5 and 6 year olds  will  want to do this birthday party game again and again.


Mummy Wrap Game
One of the easiest and most fun games!  See which team can wrap their mummy in toilet paper first. Divide birthday party guests into teams of 2 or 3 and give them 2 rolls of toilet paper.  Let teams decide on who will be the mummy and then race to see who can wrap their mummy in toilet paper the quickest using all the paper. Stock up on paper and play this game a few times switching out mummy's.


Silly Race Games
Divide the kids into 2 groups for these games and have them race by:

Holding balloons between their knees
Jumping rope singing happy birthday
Balancing an object on head
Holding a balloon between two of the team members heads
Balancing a small ball on their feet
Skipping backwards
Bouncing a ball

Once they master the forward races, have them do them backwards!

Obstacle Course Games
Make a birthday party game obstacle course throughout your backyard using things like slides, elevated boards, trampoline, big boxes to crawl through and hula hoop course.  Compete against teams in this game or against the stopwatch.  When they get good at the course make them do it again – walking or running backwards! 


Guess and Win Game
Fill a see through jar with lots of small candy, jellybeans, skittles, marbles or small toys. Count them before you put them into the jar. As the children arrive for the birthday party have them guess how many toys or candies they think are in the jar. Write down each birthday party guest's guess. At the end of the birthday party reveal who guessed closest to the right number. The winner takes home a small prize, or the whole jar with its contents! Tip; Use items related to your birthday party theme. Plastic bugs for an insect party, pink jelly beans for a pink or princess birthday party, rings for a glamour party etc.


BeanBag Toss Game
Cut several circles out of a piece of cardboard, or a large box. Decorate the cardboard with things from your birthday party theme. Use beanbags or socks (filled with beans and tied) to throw into the holes. Give small prizes if they make it in the holes.


Oversize Birthday Party Game
This birthday party game let's the kids really get involved!  On a very large patio or driveway draw a large (VERY large!) gameboard with chalk.  Make every square at least 18".  Make it in the shape of a circle or oval (or a figure 8).  Write "start" at the first square and then on each square write a command or action.  Example:  Square 2 = move ahead 3 spaces, Square 3 – jump up and down until your next turn, Square 4 = sing the national anthem until your next turn, Square 5 = go back 2 spaces … and so on until every square is filled. 

Make 2 large oversize dice from boxes at least 12 x 12 (the bigger the better!).  The pieces being moved around the board are the kids themselves.  They roll the dice and then move themselves along the game board.  The winner is the one to reach the end space first by landing on it with an exact roll.  Kids LOVE this game!

Please let us know if you would like to have any of these super fun games at your next birthday party! We would be happy to add them to your package!


Thank You so much for stopping by, I hope we helped you find what you were looking for!



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